Guest Support – Complete customer support ticket system for WordPress


Guest Support is a complete customer support ticket system for WordPress.

By using this plugin, you will be able to provide customer support very easily and smoothly where Users can create new Tickets and Replies and Agents can Reply to Tickets without any Login and Registration.

Features – Create new ticket:

  • Users can create tickets without any Login/Registration
  • Live WordPress Posts suggestions based on user’s typing on the Subject input field through Ajax (Pro Addon required).
  • Users can upload files with the maximum allowed number of files, total files size and allowed file types/extensions based on settings.
  • Google reCAPTCHA 3 SPAM verification.
  • Verify email with OTP (One Time Password) through Ajax (Pro Addon required).
  • Internal email validation system to identify fake/mistyped/invalid and disposable temporary email addresses.
  • 99.9% SPAM free if you enable Email verification.

Features – Create reply:

  • After creating a new ticket, both User and support Agent will receive email notification with a unique ticket link.
  • Agents can reply to the ticket using the unique ticket link without any Login.
  • Users can reply to the ticket using the unique ticket link without any Login.
  • Both User and Agent can edit the last/all reply message(s) based on settings.
  • Both User and Agent can close tickets when submitting a reply.
  • Both User and Agent can close tickets using a Close Ticket link.
  • Both User and Agent can Re-open closed tickets if allowed in the settings.
  • On the single ticket view page, both User and Agent can see links of other submitted tickets of the same user based on the user’s email address.

Features – Signature and profile photo (Pro Addon required):

  • Both User and Agent can set profile photo and default signature if allowed in the settings. Login/registration required to use this feature.

Features – Create ticket for users by Admin and Agent:

  • Admin can create tickets for other registered users from admin.
  • Agents can create tickets for other registered users from frontend (Pro Addon required).

Features – List of tickets:

  • Admins can see a list of all tickets on the WordPress admin.
  • Agent can see a list of all tickets submitted to the Agent’s Department on the frontend (Pro Addon required).
  • Registered Users can see a list of all tickets (Pro Addon required).
  • If a user registers later with an email address that was used to submit tickets, all of the user’s tickets (before and after registration) will show on the front-end tickets list page (Pro Addon required).
  • Filter tickets by ticket status ‘Open’, ‘Pending’, ‘Closed’ and Departments.
  • Sort tickets by ‘Ticket Created Date A-Z’, ‘Ticket Created Date Z-A’, ‘Last Reply Date A-Z’ and ‘Last Reply Date Z-A’
  • Search tickets by subject and email address.
  • Users and Agents are still able to see a list of submitted tickets on the single ticket view page without Login/Registration.

Features – Admin- Department:

  • You can create/edit/delete unlimited Departments. One Department support in free version.
  • Assign a support Agent to each Department.
  • You can show/hide Departments field on the frontend ticket submission form.
  • Add ‘additional email notifications’ email addresses to each Department.
  • When a new ticket is submitted to a specific Department, the assigned support Agent and additional email addresses will receive email notifications.

Features – Admin- Forms and Form Builder:

  • You can create/edit/delete unlimited forms with dedicated custom fields, features and options. One Form support in the free version.
  • You can add different forms with different and dedicated custom fields to different pages and receive support tickets.
  • Dedicated Shortcode for each form.
  • Add unlimited custom fields (Pro Addon required).
  • Supported custom fields are:
    • Textbox
    • Email
    • Number Box
    • Textarea
    • Dropdown/Select
    • Radio Group
    • Checkbox Group
    • Hidden
    • Date Picker
    • Date and Time Picker
    • Content (Support HTML)

Features – Dedicated options for each form:

  • Add/edit/remove unlimited custom fields with field Name, Label, Placeholder, Error message etc (Pro Addon required).
  • Option to show the custom field on Ticket submission or Reply form or both (Pro Addon required).
  • Option to add/remove custom fields inputs on Email notifications (Pro Addon required).
  • Re-order all (core and custom) fields.
  • Arrange/re-arrange all (core and custom) fields with 1-3 columns.
  • Enable/disable File upload.
  • Enable/disable Google reCAPTCHA.
  • Enable/disable Email verification (Pro Addon required).
  • Enable/disable WordPress Posts suggestions when typing on the Subject field (Pro Addon required).
  • Add your own CSS Classes for input fields and buttons.
  • Add your own buttons texts.

Features – Email settings and templates:

  • Support WordPress default email delivery system.
  • Support dedicated SMTP for this plugin only.
  • Dedicated and customisable new ticket and reply email templates for both Users, Agents and Additional email addresses with necessary placeholders.

How it works?

  • After creating a new ticket, a unique ticket link url will be generated with 2 unique and dedicated random IDs and the ticket link url will be sent to the Submitter and support Agent by email.
  • With the unique ticket link url both the User/submitter and the support Agent will be able to reply to the ticket without any login/registration.
  • When viewing and replying to tickets, 2 unique IDs will be verified to give access to the ticket.
  • Ticket link url will send with email notifications and there is no other way to see the url.
  • Encrypted Agent information on the ticket link url to identify and verify Agent when replying as Agent.


  • WordPress 5.5+
  • PHP 7+


Available Shortcodes

Submit ticket form:

[guest-support view=form id=1]

View single ticket:

[guest-support view=ticket]

View list of tickets on front-end (Pro Addon required):

[guest-support view=tickets]


  • Ticket submission form
  • Single ticket view page
  • Frontend tickets list page (Pro Addon required)
  • Admin - tickets list page
  • Admin - list of Ticket departments
  • Admin - create/edit departments
  • Admin - list of forms
  • Admin - form builder
  • Admin - custom form fields (Pro Addon required)
  • Admin - settings
  • Admin - email settings and templates
  • Shortcodes


  • Install the plugin using WordPress default plugin installer.
  • Activate Guest Support plugin you just installed.
  • After installing successfully, click on the G. Support menu item from WordPress admin left sidebar and follow setup guide.


Can one user see another user’s ticket as it doesn’t require any login registration?

No, all tickets will have 2 unique and random id in every ticket url and only the submitter and support agents/WordPress admins can see the ticket url.


3 August 2023
Just enough features to get the ball rolling. The Pro addon is worth the purchase. Hoping the AJAX KB suggestion will also support custom/other post type and taxonomy, where currently it supports only post and category.
23 February 2023
What a find this is!! I have been looking for a support ticket plugin and this is the business, and the developer was very responsive to add new features to the addon. I am seriously happy!
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Contributors and Developers

“Guest Support – Complete customer support ticket system for WordPress” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


Change Log

Version 1.0.6 – Oct 24, 2023

Enhanced the display of the success message after a ticket has been created.

Version 1.0.5 – Feb 26, 2023

PHP 8.2 compatibility fix.

Version 1.0.4 – Feb 23, 2023

Overall improvements.

Version 1.0.3 – Oct 19, 2022

Updated language file.

Version 1.0.2 – Oct 18, 2022

Bug fixed.

Version 1.0.1 – Oct 17, 2022

Bug fixed.

Version 1.0.0 – Oct 08, 2022

Initial release.