Image Projector – a lightbox


Image Projector – a unique WordPress lightbox that provides a responsive full-window viewer and slider for images in posts or pages, including galleries and carousels.


  • Plug and Play, no editing of code needed
  • Context-dependent image collections automatically created
  • Switch view style and background
  • Zoom and pan
  • Autoplay
  • Navigate with mouse-swipe, mousewheel, touch/swipe or keyboard buttons
  • Uses on-demand image loading and preloading – fast startup
  • Hardware-accellerated image transitions
  • Optional thumbstrip when relevant
  • Optional support for flipping image horizontally
  • Optional support for viewing image in grayscale
  • Supports WebP image format
  • Humble and quiet appearance


Used on an archive page, it will limit the images to those attached to the queried posts (typically category and tag results or search results).

It may well be used in combination with 3rd party or WordPress native galleries.

For available admin options, please see settings.

Privacy Notice

This plugin does not track users. It does not store any data to the database other than plugin settings, neither does it send any data to any server.

Last used view style and background style is stored in a cookie on visitor’s device and applied if visitor returns.


  • Full window with cut-off activated.
  • Image with frame.
  • Image with frame, showing thumbstrip.
  • Inside square on dark background. Right-click or click menu icon to show menu.
  • Typical settings page.


  1. Upload the plugin to your WordPress plugin directory or install it by using the “Add Plugin” function of WordPress
  2. Activate the plugin at the plugin administration page.
  3. Modify settings in the plugin administration page as desired and save changes.
  4. On activation, plugin will generate a reference file. This will take a few seconds depending on number of posts in the database.


-or possibly frequently asked…

Why did you make this plugin when there are so many others to chose from?

Good question! Being a photo enthusiast with a WordPress site having one post per image will cause some headache when trying to present the images in a smooth flow. To avoid the cumbersome manual navigation between posts, I decided to (try to) write a plugin to access the images by an image viewer and slider having the content automatically defined based on the context.

Messing around with various gallery plugins – that always require som extra effort to set up – or modifying page template code was not an option.

Are there any shortcut keys available?

Yes, for those who are blessed with a keyboard:

right arrow/left arrow – next/previous
C – toggle caption if supported
A or P – toggle autoplay
B – switch background class
L – last image
T – swith between slide in/out or cross-fade transition
V or S – switch view style
X – exit
Z – zoom mode on/off

Which touch actions or mouse operations are supported?

Left mouse button down while swiping right/left with mouse – next/previous
Ctrl key and left mouse button down while swiping up/down – enter zoom mode and do zooming
doubleclick – enter/exit zoom mode
mousewheel – zoom when in zoom mode
pinch – zoom
click caption – turn off display of caption if captions are supported. Turn it on again from menu.

Only one image from a gallery or carousel is shown, and no arrows – why?

Probably due to that the the gallery or carousel wrapper is not detected. Please specify the parent element to all the gallery or carousel elements. If in doubt, do not hesitate to file a support ticket.

Can I choose which pages and images to use it in?

Yes, to a certain extent. This can be specified in the plugin settings page.

Can I modify the styles?

Yes. Please have a look into the plugin settings page and the stylesheet located in the plugin directory. If you need advice on how to set up the styles, please leave a support message.

Is it responsive and touch-device friendly?

Yes, I think so.

I do not see any menu when accessing from a touch device

That’s right, it was made like this for simplification. Please submit a message in the support section if you think it should be available.

Does it work in all versions of all browsers?

Most likely not, but it seem to work as expected in ‘all modern browsers’. There may be several ways of marking up a page so there could be situations when some tuning is necessary. Please leave a message in the support section if it does not work as expected.


23 April 2018
despite the low number of downloads this is the best WordPress image plug-in, perfect for desktops and smartphones
21 April 2018
In my opinion, with the last release, this is the best wordpress image plugin: pinch in/out effect; image browsing with a finger; image shift with a finger, autoplay, possibility to choose the background, etc. Absolutely the best wordpress image plugin.
16 April 2018
As in the title a very nice and useful plugin which permits also pinch in/out of photos.
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Contributors and Developers

“Image Projector – a lightbox” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


Change Log


  • Added support for up/down swipe to exit viewer.
  • Added option in admin panel/timings to set sliding time for autoplay.
  • Eliminated annoying delay between end of panning/swiping and start of image sliding.
  • Confirmed support for WebP image format.


  • Introduced support for horizontally flipping image. Can be flipped by key ‘F’, a floating button or from menu. The visibility of the floating button can be controlled from plugin settings page.
  • Introduced option to view image in grayscale. Controlled by key ‘G’ or from menu. Support for this can be turned off from plugin settings page.


  • Added option to set colour of control buttons.
  • Added option to show buttons for changing view style and background colour without having to access the menu.
  • Tested for WordPress 5.8.


  • Added option in plugin settings to choose bright or dark initial background style.
  • Rearranged plugin admin pages.
  • Minor modifications.
  • Tested for WordPress 5.7.


  • Tested for WordPress 5.6.


  • Fixed glitch in last version related to retrieving image sizes when omitted from image element


  • Fixed error related to images on remote servers.
  • Thumb generation based on srcset of image if present.


  • Improved handling of SSL and Mixed Content in image references.
  • Switched to SVG icons instead of icon font.
  • Tested for WordPress 5.5.